Burgundy: Nature's message in a bottle

Burgundy wines hold a unique place in the world. There is no other wine-making region where the grape variety serves simply as the vehicle for the most important element in the bottle: Burgundy's land, or terroir. Thus, when you open a bottle of Burgundy, you don't drink a chardonnay or a pinot noir; you drink a specific place, with its topsoil, subsoil, weather, sunshine, geographical orientation.

It's the vinegrower's job -- my job -- to assure that all my wines respect and represent their birthplace, in order to give the consumer the impression of being there: in the vines, with the sun on his shoulders. After all, in Burgundy the grape is simply the blank canvas on which the soil paints its colors.

A word from the owner

Welcome to the Web site of Domaine Dublère, a Burgundian wine estate with a difference. Situated in the heart of some of the most famous vineyards in the world, Domaine Dublère is nonetheless owned by an American: me, Blair Pethel. I was drawn to Burgundy by my love for the profound richness of Burgundy's soils, the hidden joys found in its wines, and the captivating warmth of the Burgundian people. I invite you to discover on this site the passion which led me to change my life.

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