Chablis Les Preuses
Grand Cru

Green-gold, evolving to a light yellow with age, this is a wine with fine ageing properties (10-15 years, sometimes more). Intense mineral scents (flint) but with notes of lime-flowers, dried and exotic fruits, almond and a discreet touch of honey. On the palate, acidity and fat are in perfect balance, as are liveliness and dryness. It has all the charm of an inimitable and authentic wine. This is the jewel in the crown of the Chablis range, richly nuanced by variations in "climat."
Variety : Chardonnay
Color : White
Appelation : Chablis Les Preuses
Maturation : 7-15 ans
Serving suggestions : The vivacity of this rich, full-bodied Grand Cru provides a great dry wine to pair with foie gras, its pronounced minerality offsetting the richness of this noble dish. The subtle complexity of its aromas and its long finish in the mouth mean it is destined to partner lobster, crawfish, (grilled or, more subtly, in a white sauce with or without mushrooms), and prawns. All fine-textured fish in cream sauce prove worthy allies, as do white meats and poultry in cream. Its minerality and liveliness also do a fine job of counterbalancing the saltiness of oysters.
Serving temperature : 12-16
Vinification : After pressing, the juice is cooled to 10°C and allowed to settle for 24 hours. The must is then put into a closed stainless steel tank by gravity for a long, slow, low-temperature fermentation. The wine stays in tank -- during which time it does its malolcatic fermentation -- until the summer after the harvest. Then it is scrupulously racked off its lees and put into our oldest oak barrels to finish its maturation, which lasts a total of 18-20 months. It is then carefully racked off and assembled for bottling unfined and unfiltered
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